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Many know how special elvish medicine is. How they use the energy of the sun and moon to bring men life. How they honour nature, the harvest of herbs, and fruits with the blessings of their gods and utmost respect for each other.

At least it was so long ago when I was a child, over 700 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen how some of them misused their blessings with selfish motivations, disregarding other creatures, and people different from them, as if eternal life were a divine position over all cultures.

Their lake of compassion had grown in number, making them restrict elvish lands, and vanish outsiders from their territory, or even their own, as My mother was. I’ve seen oceans of tears and blood given as a gift by elvish kings to those they considered lesser and unworthy​​. ​​

These horrors, I fear, are about to be paid, for with a heavy heart I admit what for days I’ve tried to ignore. Visions had come to me of fire and gold. I hope all of you take this as a warning of difficult times to come. True the Shire is a safe heaven when travellers like us look for a place to lie low and find some peace of mind, but if what I’ve seen comes to happen, darkness will fall on these lands, and only the goodness of its habitants can save it.

I’ll dig deeper into this issue to see how can maybe prevent it with the confidence that some heroe will appear, with loyal friends to follow along.

Only this is sure, fire will come, and is to be seen who will fight it and with luck, win.

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