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Choosing a hobbit life

This is not the beginning. Rather better, is what I think the climax of a long story that includes death, one and another wizard and a villain too full of himself to admit defeat. To make it short, all of you live exciting lives one way or another. Having a normal job, falling in and out of love. For me, the prospect of an exciting life was terrible. As I've learned during my time in Bree sharing my recent time with men and hobbits, I consider myself more on the hobbit side when it comes to adventures. Even though coming here was an adventure in itself if I think about.

With a broken heart, no money in my pockets and only the love of my few friends, I embark myself coming back home to live with my mother. She is the only elf in the Shire, but has been welcome for the community. Having a tall and incredible healer in town can be very helpful, specially for men who tent to get into more fights that you can count of in one single night. Me myself am a halfling. Not uncommon, in the same way I'm not specially welcome in many places for my strange height, and manners that can't be change even if I try. Too tall to be a woman, too short to be a she-elf, and in no manner able to pass as a hobbit.

Despite all this, I made the same mistake my mom did. Falling in love with a man is a dreadful thing to do. I would not recommend to anyone. True they can be faithful, loyal and honest, but all this goes away very fast when gold is on the other side of the road. When I thought I had everything on my plate, it went away with a breeze to never be seen again, which now I believe is more of a blessing. I'll never be able to fall for such tricks in the future, no matter what embellish words are in use. One must learn for her mistakes, after all, what is life if not a long list of lessons.

Which brings me to the present. After two years seeking for a place in the world of men and in search for a new way of life, I moved to Bree two days ago to live with my mother. Many would advise against it, and I understand the reasons. Live with your parents is not well seen in most of the cultures I've known. But help can come for many places and honestly, I need that help. Besides, Bree has a very different rhythm of life from very busy cities, and a terribly nice group of hobbits to get acquaintance with.

The air is complete different with beautiful houses that surround you. Is in a valley surrounded by mountains where boulders have created a beautiful atmosphere between the legacy of man and very energetic hobbits. I don't think I need to mention much of the Tuks for you to have an idea of what I mean by this. I've become very fond of them during my brief tine here. It's been only two days, and I'm already fond of Freda Tuk.

I expect to finish unpacking today to start helping in the family business as an apprentice of healer, taking care of the herbes and creating a book of compilations of treatments. With a bit of luck I find what ever my soul think it needs and happiness comes walking by as the old friend she is.

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