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Philip the cat

In my travels I've encountered many ways of comfort when things don't go your way along the path one chosen, and one of the best ways to find a new life is when an animal, savage or not, becomes a companion. Dogs are my favourite, so if you consider a ding a pleasant dog, my lovely friend would be of your taste.

But this time I've come to tell you about a new friend I didn't expect to find in Bree of all places. Not because it is not a good place to find friends, but because a Philip is a cat, much more similar to a dog than a dog can be. Golden eyes that follow you with most attention, always looking for ways to impress, and a welcome sound when pet. He can stand in two paws and ask for anything he wants, just with one look. Simply an amazing dog.

Philip has an amazing sense of time, better than the old clock in the living room wall, as he always arrives to the door for his breakfast and dinner at the same time every day. Majestic creature, I say! For his elegant movements gives the graceful of thanks when he bows to the healer, who had become part of the ecosystem since she arrived to town.

Although, do not be confused. As many of us, he is a moody being when some traveller doesn't pet him or gives him part of his provisions. At these times, he decides to be an indifferent companion. The only way to better his mood is with a special session of pets, that are closed to a massage for my insulted friend.

I'm looking forward to spending my stay here with him and my friendly dingo, despite my careful look after the orchards in fear, he picks some of the herbs just to have some fun. He had picked the tender but annoying tendency to follow me around as soon as I leave the house at 6 in the morning. I can only say he is not lazy cat, despite the growing vitality with my dog, who growls at Philip every time they meet.

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