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The Burrows

The job of a healer ended up been more work than I expected, which is not a surprise since I know very little about it. My mother started as a healer when she came here some years ago. Of course, me not being an elf is an impediment to perform some of the more powerful enchantments, but as a practitioner who is starting I've devoted my time taking care of the garden such as athelas, Culumalda, Lairelossë, and Niphredil, a plant that needs care during the night and special chants to grow strong and fast to keep up with the demand.

Despite the little rest, I'm getting used to this rhythm of life. The hobbits and people who approach our house and shop are the kindest, although sometimes desperate to find a cure for their illness as soon as possible. At time seems to be a terrible disease, but usually the treatment requires herbs for gasses, as hobbits tent to care much for their meals.


who came twice this week all the way from the shire to fetch such a medicine. Remarkable man, although I get along better with his mother, Asphodel Burrows who is not a specially jolly spirit, but was kind as anyone during the brief time we spend together. "Good for someone came to help your mother. I know the Tooks spend most of the time riding ponies" said Asphodel wrinkle her nose, "I imagine they visit you more often than not".

I couldn't help my self to laugh, it was true. Paladin III Took had visit due to a broken hand, although he was reserved as what came to happened to deserve such injure, it was most probable riding was the cause. Hobbits are not made to ride, even the taller one of them. My mother was quick to unsend in the most polite way, "Oh, you'll be a surprise, my dear. Tooks do not take much of my time as other customers" she looked at the she-hobbit with knowing eyes, "I recommend you to take this bag of medicine I've prepared specially for your husband so you can save some long trips". I won't be surprise if we don't see the Burrows for a few weeks after the interaction.

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